Deadline for nominations: 15th September, 2020

Have you ever heard about Young African Women Congress (YAWC) Network?
Do you know that YAWC Network is one of the most powerful and relevant Networks for Women Development?
That is not all! YAWC Network is also a fraternity of young women of African descent living in Africa and the diaspora who seek to be empowered and be themselves, changemakers for leadership and development on the continent. The Network also aims to connect all young women of Africa and the diaspora to a common platform for intellectual discourse and knowledge sharing for women’s development and a better continent geared towards political and socio-economic development.

YAWC Network seeks nominations from qualified members for the election of Global President and Global Vice President.

The Global President shall perform the following functions:

  1. Champion global advocacy on women and girls issues.
  2. Be the official mouthpiece of the Network globally.
  3. Represent the Network at international programmes.
  4. Lead mobilisation of members for Network programmes and activities.
  5. Perform other functions determined by the Secretariat.

The Global Vice President shall perform the following functions:

  1. Assist the Global President in the discharge of her duties.
  2. Assume the duties of the Global President in her absence.
  3. Perform other duties as may be assigned to her from time to time by the Global President or Secretariat.

The term of office for both the President and the Vice-President shall be two (2) years, renewable once.

Selection Criteria

A nominee must meet all the criteria below:

  • Must be a member of YAWC Network in good standing (behaves in accordance with the Code of Conducts of YAWC) for at least one year.
  • Must not have any restrictions, in terms of movement and advocacy as a result of her current employment.
  • Must not/will not hold leadership position in any parallel Network (YAWC Network or any other Youths’ or Women’s Network).
  • Must not be more than 45 years of age at the time of filing of nomination.
  • Must have attended at least one event organized by YAWC.

Prospective applicants are invited to file their nominations by filling the nomination form which can be accessed by clicking the link below:

Nomination forms should be submitted not later than Tuesday, 15th of September, 2020, 11:59pm GMT +1.
Vetting/screening will be conducted on Wednesday, 16th of September, 2020.
Successful/qualified candidates will be announced on Thursday, 17th of September, 2020.

Election/voting will be conducted on Friday, 18th of September, 2020, by YAWC Network Electoral College, which shall consist of  all Chapter Presidents, Chapter Vice-Presidents, Chapter Secretaries, Chapter Media Liaison Officers and six other Chapter Members chosen by the National Chapter Executive Council/Diaspora Chapter Executive Council (NCEC/DCEC).

For the voting, every member of Electoral College will receive an email providing a link to the voting form.
The outcome of the election and elected Global President and Vice President will be announced on Saturday, 19th of September, 2020.

If you have any concerns, problems, questions or find any errors, please contact the Chairperson of the Elections Committee at

NseAbasi NsikakAbasi Etim, PhD, RAS
Chairperson of Elections Committee
Young African Women Congress Network