The Most Powerful and Relevant Network for Women Development

The Young African Women Congress (YAWC) Network is a fraternity of young women of African descent living in Africa and the diaspora who seek to be empowered and be themselves, changemakers for leadership and development on the continent. Membership of the Network is segregated by Chapters based on country demarcations. However, there is a common goal which involves grassroots mobilisation of women for leadership and development through advocacy, training and projects

The Vision

The Vision of YAWC Network shall be to connect all young women of Africa and the diaspora to a common platform for intellectual discourse and knowledge sharing for women’s development and a better continent geared towards political and socio economic development.


  1. To empower women in a more collaborative approach.
  2. To promote grassroots mobilisation for young women’s leadership in Africa.
  3. To create support systems for women to thrive/advance in their endeavours.
  4. To serve as an advocacy platform for women and girls on issues that bothers on women development


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