The Young African Women Congress (YAWC) Network Council has appointed Dr Wirba Stephanie Kininla as the Chairperson of the Elections Committee of the YAWC Network in accordance with Article 14 clause 1(d) which states, “The YAWC Network Council shall form an Elections Committee to conduct the elections for the Global President and Global Vice-President.”

Wirba Stephanie K, Ph.D. is a seasoned Sociologist and Anthropologist, and a trained Social Worker, trainer of Clinical Social Workers with the CBCHS Cameroon. A holder of a PhD in Sociology and a Master of Science in Anthropology with specialty in Social Anthropology and a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Anthropology with a minor degree in Political Science Public Administration and International Relationships. She currently specialises in conflict Resolutions, crisis management with high proficiency in interventions to Child Protection and Gender Based Violence issues.

With over 9years of active and quality services she has distinguished herself as a leading Child Protection and Gender Based Violence activist, an outstanding Clinical Social Worker with over 765cases successfully handled over the years. As a social worker trainer, she has mentored over 50 mentees.

Currently, she is the Secretary General in Charge of Sustainable Development Goals 3 at Women Coalition for Agenda 2030 in Cameroon; Focal point for Children Protection and Gender Based Violence at CBCHS, Littoral Region of Cameroon; Member of Women Africa Arise; Member of EXSSA Association designated as a member of Elections Committee; focal person for the Cameroon Chapter of the Young African Women Congress Network and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Cameroon Association for the Vulnerable (CAV). She has coordinated Child Protection activities with the Rapid Response Mechanism in more than 24communities, organized and facilitated elections within associations. As a public speaker, she participates nationally on TV and Radio programmes to share her practice and know-how in women and gender issues. She was the Leader of Delegation for Cameroon Delegates for YAWC 2022 East Africa Sub-region in Nairobi, Kenya in May 2022. She has been a member of the YAWC Network since 2020.

Dr Wirba is expected to lead a seven-member committee formed from the membership of the YAWC Network from the different countries on the African continent, to set out the modalities and the timetable for the election of the Global President and the Global Vice President of the Network.