Quality leadership advocates and women empowerment powerhouse, ExLA Group celebrates its 10th Anniversary in the year 2021 with some impressive achievements which includes a firm representation in 7 countries on the African continent.

The theme for the Anniversary is “Leadership”. This is borne out of ExLA Group’s strong belief that Africa’s transformation can only be strictly interwoven with conscious and strategic leadership. This has been proven quite evidentially in different spheres of life.

However, ExLA Group in its 10th year, brings in a new force which will be evident in activities to mark the year. Five new programmes and projects will be launched in the area of health, education, agriculture, human rights and the Youth through strategic partnerships which have been built through its 10 years journey.

ExLA Group was founded in January 2011 as Excellent Student Leadership Awards (ESLA) Group, with a special focus of promoting quality leadership among student leaders across the nation, Ghana. Having researched and garnered enough knowledge in the area of leadership across the globe, the then ESLA Group had its name changed to ExLA Group (Excellent Leadership  Group) to acclimatize to a broader engagement in the arena of leadership.

Through this approach ExLA Group recognised and awarded many astute and hardworking men and women within and outside Ghana for their contributions towards the nation through a multidimensional awards scheme known as Excellence Leadership Awards (ExLA Awards).

Nonetheless, after going through different stages of development, ExLA Group is now widely known for its unignorable role in championing a major aspect of Africa’s development by transforming the leadership face of Africa through women’s empowerment. It does this through the annual Young African Women Congress (YAWC) which currently has a Network of young women from 7 African countries exchanging ideas and building partnerships for larger impacts.

This has and is yielding fruits with many of beneficiaries leading change in their respective countries and the continent at large mainly in the areas of education, peace and consensus building, social intervention etc.

The organisation is also noted for rolling out cutting-edge human resource training programmes for corporate Ghana and sustained advocacy programmes in gender and public health.

The history of ExLA Group is one of genuine passion and loyalty which is largely based on consistency. With a 5-year strategic plan in place and implementation starting in 2021, the organisation is set to make giant strides that would impact the continent greatly.

“ExLA Group is eternally grateful to its corroborators and partners. But is even more grateful to the entire staff who have remained the engine of the organisations successes and inspiration for greater achievements. The next ten years promises to be a great one and just as we have always been guided by our motto, we “keep pushing”, because “it’s possible”.