Uwaila Vera Omozuwa, a student of UNIBEN in Nigeria who was raped and killed in church will find the justice she deserves even after her death. The death of Uwa came as a shock and a disheartening one as such, judging from how she was cruelly murdered.

As the case was followed up by the YAWC Network, Nigeria Chapter, by sending a petition to the Nigerian government and a heated social media advocacy as well the insistent demand for justice by numerous women groups and individuals across the globe, the federal government took a keen interest in the matter and established some stringent measures to bring the perpetrators to book.

With no news of the whereabouts of the perpetrators for a couple of months, it comes with great respite as it has been revealed that the alleged murderers have been found yesterday.

The suspects are in the custody of the Police at Edo State where they are currently being interrogated. Information reaching the YAWC Network is that, the brain behind the inhumane act meted to the innocent young lady was not the pastor of the church she attended as was speculated earlier, but her landlady.

According to the accused, the landlady needed some parts of the young lady for rituals to expand the economic activity she was engaged in. The suspects again revealed that, the landlady claimed, Uwa was a perfect person for the sacrifice, considering how chaste and pure she was.









The police revealed that, four suspects were arrested. These four accused persons confessed to have received an amount of a million Naira to execute the given task. In order to execute their task, they followed the young lady to the church premise where she was attacked. She fought back but to no avail. After all, it was just a young woman against four men. When the suspects realized she was proving difficult, they hit Uwa on her skull with a fire extinguisher to weaken her. They raped her and left her to her fate. After the act, a handkerchief was used by the suspects to wipe her private part and delivered it to the landlady as requested.

This is the kind of world we live in. People have become so heartless that they only care about themselves alone. How can we be so insensitive? Did the landlady and the suspects put themselves in the shoes of her family members, her friends and love ones? Did they consider she could be a great and influential person in the society? Your guess is as good as mine.

Even with sad hearts, we are thankful to God for revealing the suspects and we hope justice is attained. Though she is dead, the actions by the police towards the culprits hopefully, will deter people from engaging in such inhumane acts.

We want to caution everyone, especially young ladies to be careful of the places they go to, if possible walk in pairs in order to fight back when attacked.

It is the hope of the YAWC Network that, everyone, both young and old, men and women, comes on board to put an end to rape in our society.

Rest in peace Uwa, till we meet again, your death will never be in vain.

From the YAWC Network.