I bring you warm felicitations from the YAWC Network.

I trust that you are well, and you continue to keep safe as we observe the COVID-19 health protocols.

2020 has been a unique and challenging year that required resilience and working SMART if one is to thrive. Whereas our economies experienced the high and low moments, we have seen and do continue to realise great opportunities for growth and development across the African continent.

I challenge you to look out for the opportunities for growth amidst the storms of life.

In keeping with our purpose statement, we continue to mobilise the grassroots women to join the network as we continue to empower them to lead in the socio-economic and political spheres through advocacy, training and projects. As the YAWC Network, our ask of you as you start the month of November are;

  • You break boundaries and drop anything that holds us back from moving forward. For instance, saying no to tribal clashes and differences based on race, gender, and culture.
  • We draw lessons from every crisis or challenging situation that may come our way by embracing change, being resilient, and holding onto our support pillars now, more than ever if we are to thrive.
  • We request you to collaborate with all the relevant Partners as change makers. We have to support others and be relevant in our communities especially in areas where the plight of the people needs urgent attention like Cameroon.

We grieve with families that have lost their loved ones in calamities, war, hunger, sickness, disease or any other cause. For those in battle, we call upon the parties to cease fire and seek dialogue as a more peaceful method of settling dispute.

We are optimistic that with your support, Women can lead and contribute to the development of the continent.

Happy New month and stay safe!

Jacqueline Nyapendi
Global President
YAWC Network