Happy New Month!
Every new season comes along with great opportunities, and 2021 is no exception. While the year is quickly unfolding, nations are stretching beyond the norm to deal with the COVID-19 effects, pre and post-election matters, in addition to the various development goals.

It’s a season where we hear words like; ” adjust to the new normal.” “COVID-19 is not about to go.” While it may be expected that everyone has adjusted to that new normal, this may be far from that reality.

There are individuals and societies that are still struggling to barely survive given the tough socio-economic conditions. With some people going without a meal, others are sick and have no access to health care services for one reason or another. There is also that individual who is doing all they can to make ends meet, and as they struggle, they are hopeful that their dreams will be a reality someday.

We, as the YAWC Network, believe that not all hope is lost. We are optimistic that 2021 and the years ahead have great possibilities, and provide an opportunity for us to rebuild the ancient ruins. We may have suffered great losses and painful moments in 2020. However, there is room to recover from whatever did not go well. Let us arise, learn from the low moments, and focus with determination on what lies ahead.

We encourage you to leverage your inner strengths and available resources to enhance the growth of the African continent. As you focus on your dreams, remember that not everyone may buy into your aspirations, or be happy about your progress. That shouldn’t deter you from pursuing your vision. I challenge you to stay on course, remain committed to your purpose, rise above the obstacles, be agile and open to continuous learning.

Finally, we invite you to partner with the YAWC Network in mobilising and empowering Women to positively impact the continent through health, education, agriculture, Youth, and human rights initiatives. You can contribute in whichever way you can. Your contribution is highly valued.

Warm Regards,

Jacqueline Nyapendi,
Global President –
YAWC Network