The Leadership of the Young African Women Congress Network Nigeria, headed by the President Mrs. Eunice Emmanuel, a platform set up for Women’s Empowerment for Sustainable Development, has stepped up effort to sensitize the Nigerian women and populace about the need to be conscious in choosing the right leadership to lead them through a free and fair electoral process. This also comes as the group in a release, urges Nigerians to go out in-mass and choose credible candidates in the upcoming 2023 general elections.
The organization, a nonprofit, non-religious, non partisan leadership group founded since 2016 by the Excellent Leadership Group’s head, Mr, Daniel Osei Tuffuor, has 9 country chapters across the African continent with its Global Headquarters in Accra-Ghana.
The Chapter President further made this known in a communiqué released recently to educate Nigerians about voting the right candidate in the upcoming general election in Nigeria.
In a comprehensive YAWC factsheet, details very important information as guide to choosing the right leadership have been provided. YAWC as a force was established to foster Young African Women to move Africa to greatness as a continent with responsible, ethical, accountable leadership, good governance, and equitable and effective use of human and natural resources. The group in the statement further noted that demand for effective and systematic leadership development in Africa is growing rapidly. According to the YAWC Network, by strengthening leadership and effective governance, Africa can improve its public and private sector performance and strengthen its prospects for sustainable  growth and prosperity.  The  statement also mentioned that there is no doubt that the need for effective leadership in Africa is critical and most emerging leaders particularly women have not received much structured support for developing their full potential in the public sector and politics.
Quoting the words of famous African leader, Nelson Mandela, “Africa has suffered from a shortage of effective leaders, poor leadership has cost the continent immensely over the past few decades, creating major problems in the political and economic spheres.”
This reality brings to mind the power and responsibility those of us privileged to live in democratic republics have in deciding the destiny of our nation and the capacity to do so peacefully through the ballot box. The future of our country at every election cycle will be determined by how well the citizens are able to responsibly play this all important role of ensuring they do not allow some politicians who want to win elections by all means deny them the right of peacefully voting for candidates of their choice. Nobody will ever deprive the Nigerians of their rights to vote except Nigerians themselves and the only way they can do that is by not voting.
Kofi Annan said, “Elections are at the heart of democracy. When conducted with integrity, they allow citizens to have a voice in how and by whom they are governed. This is because while human beings need security and livelihoods, they also need freedom, dignity and justice.”
President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR has in several occasions made statements that has committed him to oversee free and fair elections. What that means is that every agency or institution of state must see the commitment of Mr. President as a marching order to ensure that no political party gains more advantage than others. The election must be seen by citizens as fair, transparent and fair to all. When this is the case, the foundation for a peaceful election that inspires citizens to come out en-mass to vote is established. Citizens can now identify their own roles and find their own reasons amongst why they want to give themselves to fully participate in voting for candidates of their choice.
The vision of a free and fair election must be sold vigorously by the current regime in order to win over those who over the years have not voted as a result of the belief that votes do not count.
Why should citizens ensure peaceful elections?
Love for Nation. Great people of Nigeria, we are in a new dawn as a nation. A time when a new government is about to take over the task of building the Nigeria of our dreams. The turn-out and success of the 2023 elections is one that will clearly distinguish our economy and people as a democracy on the rise. It is important we come out en-mass driven by high level of patriotism as a result of our love for our nation.
It is more so heart-warming to know that efforts of YAWC Network, since her inception which is geared towards consciously grooming and building the capacities of Young African Women to become transformational leaders is taking rewarding steps. I am glad to be alive at this time in our nation’s history to experience this robust women participation in an election that clearly shows that power belongs to the people of Nigeria.
As we approach 2023 election, we pray that God blesses Nigerians with wisdom to make the right choice. It is time to make huge emotional investment in loving this country despite what we have gotten from her. We need to inspire millions of young people, men and women in our great country to find direction and support in selecting leaders who will form the new government; to ensure the best leadership values and approaches to our national engagement and development.
There is a sense of urgency to provide value and inspire our country towards a place of greatness amongst the comity of nations. We must undertake this task. The reality is that one of the reasons we participate in the electoral process is to ensure we vote on election day. We must not only vote, we must vote for the right reason. We must vote for love of nation. We must vote beyond selfish reasons.
We must ensure a peaceful election so we can continue to enjoy stability in our political and economic environment.
God bless YAWC Network.
God bless Nigeria