Sell Your Project Story for Presentation at the Young African Women Congress (YAWC) 2019 

The YAWC team would like to inform all delegates of the Young African Women Congress (YAWC) 2019 that the call for project stories for presentation at the congress in Accra, Ghana in July, 2019 is officially opened.

All business owners, social entrepreneurs, volunteers, philanthropists etc. who have completed their registration processes for YAWC 2019 are eligible to send their write-ups on their project stories for an opportunity to present them at the congress.

The purpose of the presentations is to afford participants who are making impact in their various environments across the globe to share their experiences with other teeming young ladies who might take inspiration for further strides towards the empowerment of women and development of the continent.

This is in line with the theme for the 2019 edition of the congress: “Grassroots Mobilisation For Women’s Empowerment: Young Women Lead”. We believe that as young women begin to influence society right from the grassroots level and share their experiences with their fellows, efforts towards women’s empowerment from governments and states will become more holistic and effective. Policies towards women empowerment will reach the doorstep of the ordinary woman and girl thereby influencing society as a whole more significantly.

The presentations will take place in parallel sessions in multiple fields. These are categorized into the following:

  1. Politics/Leadership
  2. Business and Commerce
  3. Social Inclusion/Intervention Projects
  4. Sexual Harassment and Teenage Pregnancy
  5. Education and Training

Meanwhile, the various sessions will also welcome funding and donor agencies who may want to support the development efforts of some of the projects led by delegates.

We therefore call on all registered delegates who have stories to share concerning their projects to do so in writing and send them to for review.

Qualified delegates will be notified through their mails and guided to prepare for their presentations at the Young African Women Congress in July. 

Submission Terms and Timelines 

  1. Deadline for submissions of abstract is June 20, 2019 23:59hrs (GMT).
  2. All write-ups should be emailed to before the deadline. 
  3. The submission must include a personal profile of not more than 150 words and portrait photo.
  4. The write-up should not be more than 1,000 words.
  5. The submission must contain objectives, description, structure of presentation, beneficiaries, achievements, challenges, prospects of the project.
  6. Submission must be in English or French