YAWC Network Cameroon Chapter Executives led by its President Ms. Roseline Obah joined 34 other women’s peace networks in Yaounde, Cameroon on Monday February 8, 2021 to share ideas on the upcoming and first ever all women peace convention in Cameroon to be held in the Capital.

The one-day planning meeting was sponsored by the Fredrick Ebert Stiftung (FES) Foundation and saw participants sharing their experiences while providing insight into how the peace convention could garner the needed attention and resources to bring lasting peace within the country among the various factions.

This is one of the major, in a series of many efforts made by the Chapter and other civil society organisations within the context of the raging armed conflicts in Cameroon to promote dialogue instead of chaos. These efforts have helped in diverse ways to mitigate the suffering and pain of a considerable number of people, especially women and children by advocating for their safety, providing shelter, clothing, and food.

Whereas the YAWC Network Cameroon Chapter has written on several occasions to the appropriate authorities and quarters to call for cease fire, it has never relented in making public statements to condemn killings and violence while calling for the respect for human life and properties. But the main aim of the Chapter is to see the various stakeholders at the dialogue table to ensure that peace talks are initiated, and commitments are made for lasting peace.

In a concerted view, the Resident Representative of FES Foundation, Nina Netzer, alluded to the need to get all stakeholders within the civil society on board for a more unified approach in engaging opinion leaders in peace talks. She also pledged the organisation’s support for the peace convention.

The YAWC Network Cameroon Chapter calls on women from all walks of life, women at the grassroots to join hands in all peace efforts in a bid to restore the priceless gift of peace in the nation to enable everyone go about their normal duties.

Other Executives of the YAWC Network Cameroon Chapter present at the meeting included Vice President Ms. Violet Nyebe and Secretary/Treasurer Ms. Regina Etaka.