The YAWC Network Cameroon Chapter, represented by its Vice President, Ms. Violet Nyebe on February 25th 2021, was part of a second planning meeting on the upcoming and first ever All Women Peace Convention in Cameroon.

The one-day planning meeting organized and sponsored by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) Foundation, held in the Capital city Yaounde.

During this planning meeting, different task forces were created and YAWC Network Cameroon Chapter shall be in the “Outreach” Taskforce. The choice of this taskforce according to Ms. Nyebe, was motivated by YAWC Network’s main objective to bring together women from all walks of life.

“As preparations are gearing towards the holding of the convention in July 2021, we are hopeful that grassroot women leaders, and all other women from different walks of life will understand the urgency with which we all need to actively take part at various levels to ensure a return to peace in Cameroon”, Ms Nyebe said.

“We are thankful to Friedrich Ebert Stiftung for their willingness to push this initiative forward” she added.