The Young African Women Congress (YAWC) Network is set to embark on a massive campaign against domestic violence in Africa. The campaign which is scheduled to begin from 24th April – 3rd May 2022 will see a number of activities under a the hashtag #StopDometicViolence. Key among the activities will be the massive sensitisation on the issue of domestic violence mainly through all available social media platforms of the network. There will also be publication or articles and short write-ups from our members and the general public on the subject

Domestic violence has become a topical issue in the media today due to recent reportages of some devastating cases across the continent. The YAWC Network Council, during its emergency meeting with all YAWC Network Chapter leaders from the various countries in Africa and the diaspora on domestic violence, following the unfortunate demise of the Nigerian gospel music sensation, Mrs. Osinachi Nwachukwu, realised other numerous accounts shared by the Chapter leaders. It was the case that many of such incidences go unreported.

The campaign is therefore part of the recommendations to ensure that domestic violence is recognised and seen as the menace it is.

The campaign is being led by the YAWC Network Global Secretariat with support from the various leaderships and memberships of the Network in Africa and the diaspora.

The Campaign is therefore expected to be championed mainly in the West, East and Central Africa sub-regions where the Network is strongly represented, but also beyond such borders.

We look forward to engaging all stakeholders and well-meaning African citizens to join hands with us to stop domestic violence in Africa.