The Young African Women Congress (YAWC) Network Leadership will hold an extraordinary summit to discuss the on-going crises in the two Anglophone regions in Cameroon. This follows recent killings of children who were in school and it is believed to be related to a long standing misunderstanding between the regions.

In a letter written to the YAWC Network Secretariat, and copied to the YAWC Network Council, the leadership of the YAWC Network, Cameroon Chapter described the situation as an urgent matter which requires the attention of all major stakeholders to curb its consequences.

Specifically, the Summit is expected to look at how government could be urged to engage in genuine dialogue with the separatists fighters. The dialogue should make conscious efforts to involve women as well.

Secondly, the discussion will look at the various ways individuals within the Network can contribute to provide relief services for displaced persons within and outside the region including some ten girls who have lost both parents to the crises.

The Leadership of the YAWC Network including the Chairman and members of the YAWC Network Council, Global President and Vice President as well as Chapter Presidents and their three other Executive Committee members from seven (7) African countries (Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Cameroon and Kenya) will be involved in the virtual meeting which is scheduled for 4th November 2020. Experts in Conflict Resolution, Peace and Security have also been invited to join the meeting.

It is expected that recommendations proffered from the meeting will be carried on to the appropriate quarters for consideration and implementation.

The YAWC Network remains committed to helping to bring an end to the crises in Cameroon. This is part of its belief that women’s progress can be optimised in an enabling environment devoid of discrimination or harm.

YAWC is open to all women in Africa and the diaspora within 18 and 45 years who wish to join forces with other teeming women across the world to solve real issues confronting the continent.