The “Girls In Stem” Boot Camp is an educational programme which is among the series of projects carried out by the ExLA Group Gender Programme under the Post-YAWC Projects (Post- Young African Women Congress Projects).

The maiden edition of the programme which syncs with the vision of the Young African Women Congress (YAWC) that is, to nurture young African women and girls for active leadership that would inure to their personal as well as national development by removing/reducing/eliminating all hindrances of women’s leadership, will encamp young girls between ages 10 to 18 years within a three-day period to gain insight in the study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Technology (STEM). It is scheduled to take place in April, 2019 at Kasoa in the Awutu Senya East Municipal Assembly in Central Region of Ghana under the theme, “Raising Girls for the High-Tech Field”.

This programme has been designed by the ExLA Group through its Gender Desk, that is ExLA Group Gender Programme (EGGP) and seeks partnership with donor agencies and corporate institutions to promote STEM education among girls throughout Ghana and Africa as a whole.
While the flagship programme of EGGP, the Young African Women Congress (YAWC) focuses on board room discussions on the challenges of Africa in broad based approaches, Post-YAWC projects identify specific needs of particular localities to solve. This ranges from education to reproductive health issues, abuses, dealing with outmoded cultural practices, economic interventions, social inclusion and politics among others.

The “Girls in STEM Boot Camp” will expose girls to the tenets and caprices of STEM related courses and decipher the fear surrounding such areas. They will be made to work on STEM related projects and present it at the camp in a form of a contest. They will also get to meet female mentors within STEM fields who will motivate them and show them the path to success in such areas.