Kenyan born is an academic, social, cultural and political critic, researcher, translator and writer with a keen interdisciplinary interest. Dr. Wangui wa Goro currently works as an Editor in an international organization and has had a career as an academic, and in interdisciplinary research. She has been a recipient of research funds in the field of knowledge management and is invited as guest speaker to many parts of the world. She has lived in different parts of the world including Italy, France, UK, South Africa, Kenya, Tunisia and Cote D’Ivoire and likes to consider herself a global citizen.

Wa Goro’s own writing encompasses poetry, essays, short stories, fiction, journalism, and non-fiction. She has also been an active campaigner for cultural and human rights in Africa and Europe. She co-edited with Kelly Coate and Suki Ali the book Global Feminist Politics: Identities in a Changing World (Routledge, 2001). Her creative writing has also appeared in several publications including the award winning Africa Love Stories, edited by Ama Ata Aidoo and she has also written and presented extensively across the media on questions of culture, human rights and social justice. Her story Heaven and Earth was taught for several years in the Kenyan curriculum.

Wangui wa Goro is recipient of many research fellowships from prestigious institutions in Africa and Europe.
She has served on a number of national and international cultural and academic bodies in Africa, the USA and Europe. She is the current Co-convenor of the Women’s Caucus of the African Studies Association and sits on the Executive Board of International Association of Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS).