Prof. Angela Ofori-Atta is a graduate of the Universities of Ghana and British Columbia, Canada. She teaches at the University of Ghana School of Medicine and Dentistry. She is well known for her published research and work in the field of mental health and is the lead editor of the book “Changing Trends in Mental Health Care and Research in Ghana”. Currently, Prof Ofori-Atta innovates interventions in mental health suitable for Ghana. For instance she set up the Psych Corps; psychology graduates who serve their national service working within mental health in the Ghana Health Service. She is also pioneering a resilience-building cognitive behavioral intervention in the Northern half of Ghana to inoculate people living in poor communities against psychological distress. Prof Ofori-Atta has pioneered how to teach young people in public schools about AIDS with a focus on the psychological, and set up volunteers to participate in activities for the children of the Accra Psychiatric Hospital. She has served on boards of various non-governmental and civil society organizations working in the area of democracy, good governance, education, development and vocational training. In politics, Prof. Ofori-Atta served as a Deputy Minister for Manpower Development and Employment in President Kufuor’s administration, worked on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s 2005 election campaign both in Liberia and in West Africa, and actively advocated for the passage of Ghana’s mental health law passed in 2012.